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This sign is located at N41 51.546 W80 57.472.

Sit down, take your shoes off, sit a spell …

Irma S. and Sidney Ramsey built the Idle-A-While on the lakefront in the 1920s. It was one of several inns/hotels built to accommodate the growing tourist trade.

A post card image captures the comfort and restfulness of Ramsey's Idle-A-While's dining room.

A post card image captures the comfort and restfulness of Ramsey’s Idle-A-While’s dining roo

Ramsey’s Idle-A-While was one of the most elegant and accommodating inns on The Strip.


booklet cover


Inside pages of booklet.

Inside pages of the Idle-A-While souvenir booklet.

GOTL 012 kitchen Exterior

An older post card of Ramsey's.

An older post card of Ramsey’s Inn.

Our guests remember:

We vacationed every summer at Idle-A-While in the late 50s and early 60s, partially because my aunt was the receptionist there. I often got to ring the bell summoning guests to breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining room which was staffed by co-eds from various universities. Evenings were spent playing bingo, fascination and other games on the strip or bridge and poker back at Idle-A-While. Great memories.

John Bloom


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