Two Little Fishes

In 1966, the wake of the riot the previous year, a coffee house opened on The Strip.

Sponsored by churches in Lake, Geauga and Ashtabula counties, the coffee house attempted to reach out to troubled and searching youth who came to the resort.

“The coffee house opened with an ‘auspicious’ crowd, in the words of the Rev. Grand MacMichael, one of the local proponents of the project,” noted a newspaper article.

“Young persons, mostly in the currently popular sneakers and cut-off pants, wandered in and out of the dimly-lit room. Several tables were occupied with young people playing cards and games.

“Against a backdrop of artistically-arranged fish nets, young entertainers sang, played guitars or just talked whenever the mood struck.

“The menu besides coffee, pure and simple, offered ‘cocollossal’ at 10 cents, ‘Kona’ coffee at ten cents and ‘lament’ at ten cents.

“It appeared to be an approving groups that watched and listened to a youthful flamenco guitarist. The applause was enthusiastic for all endeavors.”

Ashtabula Star Beacon, May 28, 1966

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