Konold, George

Konold served as a village councilman in the 1940s and was part-owner of Snell’s Midway.

He came to GOTL in 1932 to start an arcade in Pera’s Skee Ball building. In 1944, he and other investors purchased Snell’s Midway.

Konold at one time was president of the Warren (Ohio) Tool and Forge company. He had a progressive attitude toward the community and was quoted as saying that if the entire community benefits from something, his business will prosper as a result of it, too.

His son, George, and daughter, Betsey, and wife all worked in the midway. Both children are deceased; a younger daughter, Kate (Reynolds), was alive in 2014.

George Konold (1930-2014) became a physician of note. His obituary, published in The Columbus Dispatch, is here.


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