Jack’s Eat in a Hut

Documented in 1946 advertising, Jack’s Eat in a Hut was on The Strip. It offered ham and eggs in a skillet, choice steaks and sandwiches.

The following year, a Quonset-style building was raised toward the west end of The Strip and two big neon signs, one below the other, placed on the building: “Jack’s Restaurant,” “Eat in a Hut.”

The restaurant was operated by J.W. Haffey of Cleveland.

The restaurant was “situated on a prominent corner” and measured 185 by 100 feet. A porch under an awning provided additional space for dining.

The interior was decorated “along strictly modern lines and the kitchen has all new equipment,” according to a July 21, 1947, Beachcomber.

Architect and contractor for Eat in the Hut was Matt Kujala of Ashtabula.


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