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Ad for Chatterbox from the May 30, 1946, Beachcomber. More ads can be found under the Beachcomber tab, on page 6 of each issue.

The Chatterbox was a bar and night club located at the southwest corner of Route 534 (South Broadway) and Route 84 in Geneva. A used car lot occupies the space and building today.

William and Mildred Davis owned and operated the bar from New Year’s Eve 1945 to 1960. During that time it had the reputation of being “THE night spot” in the Geneva area.

Jimmy G. Brown and Leonard Craft purchased the business and real estate in December 1960 with a plan to revitalize and upgrade the offerings. They planned to hold special events and parties on holidays.

Source: Dec. 27, Dec. 30,  1960, Geneva Free Press.


August 1947 ad, Beachcomber

August 1947 ad, Beachcomber

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