Driftwood Lodge

Straddling Lake and Ashtabula counties on the lakeshore, Driftwood was the palatial summer resort of the late George Henry Hopper. It was an example of the private estates east of Cleveland that flourished during the 1890s.

“Virginal” trees were said to be a hallmark of this estate and one of the reasons settlers were originally drawn to Geneva Township. An elm tree on the property, in 1948, was considered the largest in Ohio.

The property changed ownership in May 1948. The new owner was Mrs. Harold Stevens of North Broadway. She purchased it from Mr. and Mrs. E. Russell Swiler of Shaker Heights.

The Driftwood was renamed “Old Elm Lodge” by the new owner. It had 14 rooms, sweeping porches and a lake frontage of more than 740 yards and private beach.

Stevens planned to operate a family-style dining room at the lodge.

Beachmore Cottages were part of Driftwood. Beachmore was owned by Frank Gabriel and in 1946 it consisted of 26 cottages. Gabriel built “penthouses” at his resort.


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May 30, 1946 Topics include Construction of the new movie theater, numerous real estate transactions, Walter Banig Jr., Murray Cook, Carlisle's/Shopping with Suzanne, Crest Court, The Deck, Smorgasbord, Skyway Drive-In, Francis Breen, Golf Course, Chatterbox. Six pages, 5.5 mb download.
Note: The Beachcomber published a Memorial Day edition, then did not publish again until June 23, 1946.
June 23, 1946 Dancing at the Pier, Lake Erie Land Conference, Chicken Dinners, Pen'Bryn, Driftwood, Old Tavern, garbage, Motorettes, Restort Theater, Hollyhock Hill Gift Shop, James Miller, Peterson Cottages, Bonnie View, Spaghetti House, Pee-G speed boat, P.G.'s Playland, Culver's Popcorn Ball, Worthington Cottages, the Jollys/Youngstown Manor, Breen Allotment.
June 30, 1946 Discussion of what to do over the July 4 holiday, Case-Waters development, Waffle Shop, Golf Course, The Pier, Indian Creek property sales, Breen's Guests, Crest Court, William Heasley beekeeper, public phones, Pittsburgh guests listed.
July 7, 1946 Resort tour emphasis on US/Canada relations, Homestead, police, Lakewood Lodge, Crest Court, Bill Regner, Fuzz, Jerry Sacha's Dude Ranch, Warner's grocery store, reappraisal, Ford's hosts Cleveland Orchestra conductor's relatives.
July 14, 1946 New Theater to change program daily, Charles Burt oldest resort visitor, Italian war bride on honeymoon, Ella Mar, Cook's Waffle Shop, Lohrey's cottages, Crest Court guests.
July 21, 1946 The Deck, Bud and Ella Evans, movie roles, fee collections, John Soderstrom antiques, Hillside Beach, Tom Thumb Drive-in, G.G. Clark, shell shop, Gressles, Mercer Restaurant and Lodge, Wines, tennis court at Eagle Cliff.
July 28, 1946 Secretary for chamber toured in USO unit, Joyce Thompson, appraisals, Gypsyland, Mapleton Beach, Hotel Colonial, Alta Vista.
Aug. 4, 1946 H.L. King vacationing at resort, Stegner's Homestead, J. Earl Miller, Breen sells five lots, Mrs. Warner, birdie at the course, Ella Mar Trailer, Alta Vista, beaches the lifeline, glass problem on beaches, wine lemonade, Argonne Club.
Aug. 11, 1946 Mayor wires president about beach erosion, Tony the hound, Mrs. George Spies/Joe E Brown's aunt, Alvino Rey at Pier, Mrs. Rose's Pink Dress, Breen expects 25 parties of vacationers, So Big cottage, pretty waitress at Spaghetti House.
Aug. 18, 1946 Jennie Gregory talks about her house, Arcole Shore Estates, C.E. Jolly heads chamber, Dutch Club, Sally Spencer birthday, Alta-Vista.
Aug. 25, 1946 Golf tournaments, Pier 1/Alvino Ray performance, council considers beach problem, wine history, James Casey, vandalism.
Sept. 1, 1946 Photos of Geneva Theater, Cook's Waffle House, Skyway, Stegner's, Ella-Mar and Pen'Bryn; cottages/rooms remain open in September, Spencer amusement park history, Stegner's, Wavecrest sold, police report quiet season, Eagle Swift.


May 30, 1947 Cook appoints police, New Street work, Flag Day tournament, Miller predicts resort's best season, new chamber building, Bob-Kit, Cannon's Court, 79 lots sold by James P. Casey, Ondercin, John Burns, Fess and Alves, G.E. Putnam dies, Warner L. Keyes death, Briseben Lower/Edgehill, Gladine Shop, Martin and Ernest Voris.
June 23, 1947 Broadway Inn, Leonard Baldwin, village debt, Arcole history, Old Tavern, Breen's cottage's 90 percent rented, bicycles, Ladie's Social Club of GOTL, Shupp's new grocery, Lloyd and Nina Shupp, John Narhi, Rose Groves, cottage fire at Ninevah Beach.
June 30, 1947 Resort's 78th birthday, Burgess home from trip, Grandview, Syracuse golf team plays at GOTL, Jack Meyer, Burns opens store, Fess property sells, Lloyd Shupp, The Dog Stand, Arcole history.
July 7, 1947 Bus service between Ashtabula and resort, Smorgasbord, Turney's Ranch, Old Glenullan Home converted to restaurant, Hayes, Carpenter Food Market, Bill Regner, golf pro.
July 14, 1947 Driftwood Inn, glass breakage on beach problem, Jimmy Joy, Lake Diner, Norman Harper, raft rentals at Roy Shupp's, golf course sets record for crowds, Jerry Breen's guest.
July 21, 1947 The Nitapat, Lake Shore Inn, Jack's Eat in a Hut, dipped dogs, The Dog House, bus service resumes, N.E. Kocher, Little John and Indian Creek, pet ducks.
July 28, 1947 Shatto Grill, Robert Morgan, water pressure woes, first summer resort guests, Jennie Warner Keyes, Warner family history, Breen buys back his first cottage, parade, golf course news, beach erosion.
Aug. 4, 1947 Council water question, Goettel sells Maple Manor, Banig buyer, Burns Texas Barbecue, Jimmie Linhart Lodge Snack Bar, Eugobode stand/old Bird Cage, L. H. Smythe, Maple Acres, Pee Wee sold, Resorter speed boat, golf course news.
Aug. 11, 1947 Konold/Madsen run for mayor, council cuts off Lake County, Regners purchase Cleveland Inn, Linhart's Lodge, beach erosion, village property tax rate reduced, Beachmore Penthouse, Bill Tourney's Diamond T Ranch.
Aug. 18, 1947 Snell's Midway, Chamber directors, Tommy Tucker, Hazel Swan buys cottage.
Aug. 25, 1947 New Street history, KDKA advertises GOTL, erosion woes/solutions, Jiggs comes home, Zimmermans throw party, Herbert killed, cottage names.
Sept. 1, 1947 $100,000 theater question goes to voters, Burns on council, Realtors report sales, Virgil Bogue, Novotnys buy Shupp cottages.