Water. Traffic. Airplanes. Boats. Swimming. Frame buildings. Alcohol.

The potential for death and disaster has been present at the resort town since it opened on the lakeshore in 1869.

And there have been disasters: fires, crashes, drownings and a riot.

Pages are devoted to the individual disasters:

June 28, 1945: Drowning.

July 7, 1945: Two Geneva girls drown.

June 29, 1951: Twin-engine plane crashes into Lake Erie.

July 11, 1952: Fire destroys Arcade.

July 19, 1958: Parachutist jumps into lake, drowns.

July 25, 1958: Drowning at Korabeck’s Beach.

Nov. 21, 1961: Palmetto Beach drowning (2-year-old).

July 4, 1964: Riot.

November 1979: Second arcade fire at Pera’s.