Madsen, Carl G.

Carl Madson0001Founder, owner of Madsen’s Doughnut Shop, Carl “Pappy” Madsen was from Litchfield, Minn. He had doughnut shops in Miles and Pass-a-Grille and St. Petersburg, Fla. He established the shop at GOTL in 1938.

Isobel, his wife, was an artist and taught art in Youngstown and Pass-a-Grille. The couple had two sons, Carl Jr., also known as Duff, and Kris. There was a 15-year age difference between the boys. Carl G. Madsen Jr. was a psychiatrist in Lafayette, Ind.

Madsen served as councilman and mayor of the village. He was president of Mapleton Beach, as well.

His interest in the lake erosion problem led to construction of two jetties at Mapleton. The jetties proved successful in minimizing damage from northwesterly winds.


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