Swan, Hazel

Hazel Swan arrived in Geneva-on-the-Lake in 1914 and set up her New Inn, a fast-food restaurant on what was the New Lake Road. It stood where the Swiss Chalet is today.

She sold the New Inn and purchased the Lakeview cottages. She also owned the Geneva Lodge for three months.

She was elected to village council in 1940 and was the first woman to serve on council.

After liquidating her holdings in the village, she thought of buying property in Florida, but decided that “The Lake” was where she really wanted to be. In 1947, she purchased the Harbor View cottage on Doctors’ Drive from Glenn Chaapman.

“I’m the happiest I’ve been since I sold out. Once you’ve lived here, you just aren’t satisfied any place else,” she said in a Beachcomber article in August 1947.

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