Allen Court Cottage


DSC_0970Allen Court Cottages were built by the Allen family between 1910 and 1912. They began renting the cottages in 1912. Each cottage was named: Bert Allen’s cottages in 1935 included Morning Mist, Sun Tan, Moon Glow, Apache, Ormand and the Camache.

There were 12 structures in the original “court,” as well as a convenience store, changing house, house for summer help and nine cottages. A 12-unit motel, formerly known as Clark’s Motel, was added later, and a doughnut shop was build across the street from the court.

Eight of the original 12 cottages continue to be rented. The changing house, once located on the beach, was in 1940 moved to the south side to protect it from erosion. It still stands.

Edgar H. Allen, a founding member of the business, remained active until 1983, when he turned it over to his daughter, Vicki. She ran the business like her father until her death in 2010.

Her husband, Hyler, and their son, Jesse, keep Allen Court Cottage and Motel as a family-friend operation on the east end of The Strip.

Allen’s General Store is part of this landscape and continues to provide the general grocery and personal care items vacationers either run out of or forget to bring!

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