Eugobode Cottages

Ashabula County abigails

Beginning in 1932, Virgil T. Bogue built the Eugobode Cottages on a former apple orchard site. He used frame construction on a crawl space and built the cottages to residential standards Both two-bedroom and four-bedroom cottages were built, and all featured hardwood floors.

One of the Eugobode cottages under construction.

Virgil and his wife Gladys (Wilcox) were married in June 1917. Ten years later, they purchased Silver Sands Cottage at the west end of The Strip. Virgil was intensely interested in both his family and local history, and served as a trustee for the Ashtabula County Historical Society.

Virgil Bogue (front of bike), the cottages’ builder.

The couple had three children: Nelson, Marie and Virgil W.

Eugobode is “Ode” plus “Bogue” spelled backwards.

Nelson Bogue in his hot dog stand. Wood was painted to look like brick; the building still stands.

In the mid-1940s, Nelson, a teenager, opened a hot dog stand in front of the cottages. The left side of the structure, still on this site, was framed with material from the old Bird Cage dance hall. Nelson and his wife, Marilyn, ran the cottages after Virgil died; Marilyn sold them in 2010, and they were renamed “Abigail’s.”