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The American Dream:

Eddie’s Grill is a Geneva-on-the-Lake institution. It also is a poster child for the American Dream, not to mention hard work, family, good food and fun times.


Founder Edward “Eddie” Sezon was a junior in high school when he wrote to the Richardson Root Beer Corp. and requested information on their franchise. Eddie, who had spent his summers on The Strip since age 12, was interested in opening a root beer stand in the resort. He studied the information, figured out a way to build a stand and borrowed some money from his parents, Slovenian immigrants Frank J. and Mary K. Sezon.IMAG0220

When Eddie’s Grill opened in the summer of 1950, he had only root beer, shakes, French fries, hot dogs and cheeseburgers on the menu. In the decades that have followed, the menu grew, but not by much. On the grill side, he added Slovenian sausage and a fish sandwich. A Dairy Queen franchise, added in 1952, provides the full slate of sweet dairy treats associated with the brand.


Bottom: Eddie Sezon still enjoys working at the grill and interacting with customers “I don’t really look at it as work,” he says.

The atmosphere is 1950s, right down to the juke box speakers and the simple but functional tables. Cleanliness, careful attention to property maintenance and consistent quality in the food are hallmarks of the business.

Eddie’s trivia: The chili dog sauce recipe was created by Eddie’s mother, the late Mary K. Sezon, who worked the grill right up until her passing in 2002.Eddie1950sGrill

Eddie and his wife Anne continue to run the business, with help from Eddie’s sister, Rose Marie. Daughters Mariane Sezon Dana and Jennifer Sezon Brugger assist whenever their home and work schedules allow.

The restaurant hires local youth who learn to work hard and provide excellent customer service. In any given summer, about 75 percent of the staff worked for Eddie for at least one prior season. This practice of hiring back the experienced crew helps the owners get the grill up and running each spring, on Mother’s Day, without having to retrain a whole new group of workers.

Our visitors recall:

Joe Williams: “I was one of the college students that had a summer job working the grill.  We stayed open until the early hours of the morning so that we could accommodate the patrons of the bars that closed at 2:00 and the Burlesque performers.  Our biggest tips came from the grand ladies next door.  They were usually dressed to the 9’s.  I remember Erma the Body strolled in with two very large dogs and more jewelry than I had ever seen before.   My tenure was from 1961 through 1965.  After graduation, I worked the evening shift at Eddie’s Restaurant in Geneva and taught school during the day.  My work history at Geneva-On-The-Lake, however, goes back a long way. As  I read the comments at the bottom of the article, I found someone who talked about delivering Plain Dealers at the Lake.  I also did that from age 8 until age 12.  It was not always a pleasant job.  The cottage people in the late 1940’s and 50’s were a mixed bunch.  When the weather was really hot, a few vacation folks would hand you a cold soft drink as they paid for their paper. On the other hand, some were crude, critical, and cruel to the newsboys.  I had things thrown at me.  Cuss words and slammed doors were common.  Mike Bartko was very demanding and set unreasonable quotas of papers to be sold each day.  Yet, it was one of the few job available for a boy my age.  It prepared me well for the regular PD paper route in my neighborhood.  One of these summers, I will make it back to GOTL and gobble up a foot-long hot dog and root bear at Eddie’s Grill.”

Taking a break at the family restaurant are members of the Sezon family, who own and work at Eddie's Grill at Geneva-on-the-Lake. In the front row are Ellie, Harrison and Graydon Brugger; back row (from left) are Rose Marie Sezon, Marianne Sezon Dana, Richard Dana, Ann and Eddie Sezon, and Jennifer and Garett Brugger, of Erie, Pa.

Taking a break at the family restaurant are members of the Sezon family, who own and work at Eddie’s Grill at Geneva-on-the-Lake. In the front row are Ellie, Harrison and Graydon Brugger; back row (from left) are Rose Marie Sezon, Marianne Sezon Dana, Richard Dana, Ann and Eddie Sezon, and Jennifer and Garett Brugger, of Erie, Pa.



Eddie Sezon still enjoys the hands-on work of running the grill and interacting with customers.Edward Sezon cooks the first burgers of the 2014 season as his grandchildren (from left) Ellie, Graydon and Harrison Brugger look on. Eddie’s Grill was started by Sezon in 1950 and has become a landmark on The Strip.






Our guests remember:

Pirl Beach

I spent the summer of 1942 in Pirl Beach (at age 16) and worked part time for the manager pulling weeds and such. Also swam every day. My Pittsburgh relatives had reserved a cottage there for many years. My aunt and cousins stayed. My uncle commuted weekly in his Buick. The Pirl Beach manager used a Model T Ford truck for his chores.

Ken Ford

Memories of Ford's

Most of my summer childhood memories are at Ford’s! My parents met there right at the picnic table. We vacationed there every summer along with my grandparents and great aunt and uncle until they passed away. We made amazing friends there that we still vacation with on Putnam Drive!! I could never thank the Payne’s enough for my childhood memories. Playing Indians in the huge back yard, solving make-believe mysteries, playing release and listening to everyone playing penny poker when my sister and I should have been sleeping. I now bring my son to Geneva every summer. He is the 5th generation at Geneva!

Sara Turner Campos

Chestnut Grove

My extended family and I vacationed at Chestnut Grove from 1948-1964. Being from McKeesport, it was a dream come true to go there every summer. I currently live in Michigan but go back occasionally. Not too long ago, I found a post card of some of the cottages where the swings and horseshoe pit were and a local artist is making me a 24×36 painting of it. I can't wait to see it! So many wonderful memories and so few things left as reminders. It is nice to know that others still remember and care.

Michelle Turner ( a Chestnut Grove Kid)


We vacationed every summer at Idle-A-While in the late '50s and early '60s, partially because my aunt was the receptionist there. I often got to ring the bell summoning guests to breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining room, which was staffed by co-eds from various universities. Evenings were spent playing bingo, fascination and other games on the strip or bridge and poker back at Idle-A-While. Great memories.
John Bloom

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