Mangels Shooting Gallery


This sign is located at N41 51.627 W80 57.095.

A Mangled history:

The F.W. Mangels Company Shooting Gallery is located inside the Sandy Chanty on The Strip. It was “re-discovered” during a renovation project that removed the wall that had been built over the gallery to make better use of the space. Amazingly, with a little cleaning and lubrication, the gallery powered up.

This is one of the finest extant examples of a shooting gallery from the golden age of American amusement parks. And it was made by a company/inventor whose name is synonymous with amusement park rides/attractions.


Many of these beautiful galleries were lost to the war-time scrap metal effort. Others were dismantled for the decorative value of the targets, which bear the marks of having been shot at with 22-calibre ammunition.

It’s important to note that this ammunition was manufactured specifically for the shooting galleries. When the owners of this gallery learned that the manufacturer planned to soon discontinue the product they purchased a large stock. Insurance issues forced closure the gallery before the stock could be exhausted.

A letter from the W.F. Mangels Company, Carousell Works, Coney Island, NY, addressed to Messrs. Pera & Pera, and dated May 4, 1938, recently surfaced. The letter is signed by W.F. Mangels and sets forth quotes for two shooting galleries, both used. It appears that the one installed by the Peras was $450. You can download a pdf of this letter.


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