Gornick, Frank (Eddie)

Back in 1925 Louis Phinney and Eddie Gornick played two rounds of golf at the nine-hour Geneva Golf Club, later the municipal golf course.

Gornick’s total for the day was 65; he did 30 the first time through and 35 the second, both under par.

Gornick, of Pittsburgh, went into the rounds holding the previous record for the course, 67. That day he collected seven birdies and two pars. In his times playing the course, he typically made par and had one 32 and several 33s.

A True Temper employee who worked in the golf-club shafts department, Gornick gave up golfing until 1957, when he started playing the village course and Maple Ridge. He hit a 33 at the latter, which had a par of 35.

“It’s an easy game if you don’t let it get the best of you,”  Gornick told a newspaper reporter. “I have never gambled on it. When there is money on the game its no longer a game, it’s work.”

Gornick lived at 20 West Union St. in Geneva. He and his wife had two sons, Frank and Joseph, both golfers. And Gornick’s grandchildren, Nancy and Frank, were learning the game from their grandfather in 1958.

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